Matching talented people with the best teams

What is Unicorn?

Unicorn Melbourne exists to begin to make sense of the startup and business ecosystems in Melbourne. We're like a dating service for startups, agile product teams and those people passionate about the work they do whilst being part of a great business. Our goal is to create a new and more personal way of facilitating introductions between both parties that is free from bias.


Going for a job is such a human thing, and so many people don’t get it right. We make sure you do.

Real people

We have the ability to assess, screen and test people from long standing relationships with clients in strong collective teams

Real jobs

It’s not always about the here and now. Unicorn can help you plan weeks and months down the track, no matter what stage of your career you are in.

What’s the difference?

Well, for starters we don't work with the traditional agency success fee model. Without the price on your head we are free to represent you to as many businesses as you like. It's more of a matchmaking service not contingent on outcome, but rather, the right fit for both parties.

Unicorn January Update


Senior Developer- Python and Django (Reece Tech)

Tech Lead - Python and Django (Reece Tech)

Mid to Senior - Python and Django (CBD start-up)

Mid level Frontend Developer - React or Angular (Common Code)

Mid Level Backend Developer- Python and Django (Proptech start-up)

Current vacancies

Tech Lead/ Senior Developer

Work with one of Australia's number one retailers along side a Common Code senior developers. Lead your own team and work close to home in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Burwood)

Are you a talent seeker?

We help business owners and companies to find the best possible candidates for them. Our recruitment expert James will work with you to ensure the successful placement of talented individuals in your company.

In partnership with Common Code

Unicorn was born out of partnership with Melbourne software development company Common Code. Common Code works with its clients to define their challenges and solve their problems. The team are specialists in fields ranging from bespoke Web Development, Development Teams and Digital Product Design.